And now for something completely different

You didn’t believe that, did you? Foolish mortal!

No, it’s more food. Finally got around to the filets this time. To refresh your memory, here was the menu for tonight.

Grilled filet mignon with lump crab and bearnaise sauce
Asparagus tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper, then grilled, and sprinkled with parmigiano-reggiano
Rice pilaf with fresh basil and toasted pine nuts
Sauteed mushrooms and onion confit

The filets, courtesy of the Fresh Market, were huge. There were some leftovers, and those went away with a guest, to be used to create envy in coworkers on the morrow.

A picture this time. Not very good plating, but then again, it’s not really about the plating and maybe that will get better by and by. It probably would have helped if I’d actually cared about doing it properly, as well. Hopefully, the photographer’s steady-hands will also get better so as not to post blurry pictures.

Once again, a successful dinner: good people, good conversation, good food. I’m hoping to do much more cooking in the new place, so if you’re in the neighborhood…

4 thoughts on “And now for something completely different”

  1. Pete can say Swiss but can’t say the (long cheese name here). I bet Pete – or should that be Pierre? – can say Gouda. Or Brie. Or Gruyere. And a whole bunch of other French-type cheese names. But the Italian? Nooooo.

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