The sweet smell of success

Or at least paint. Given the size of the rooms in this house and how much circulation there is, there really is no lingering aroma of paint hanging heavy in the house. But while the painter was here, whipping through the remainder of the work, there was a hint of it in the air – the smell of progress. He finished very quickly and very neatly and the main living areas are now complete. It looks great, and the colors are superb.

Dinner tonight: szechuan beef, fried rice, and chicken lo mein. It takes quite a lot of water to get through a meal. I’ve blown through three liters for two small portions of food. I think some ice cream is in order.

3 thoughts on “The sweet smell of success”

  1. Glad to hear the painting is finished, at least for now! One more thing to cross of the list before Sunday! Now if the computers would only comply with your schedule! Take care of yourself…

  2. I should qualify that: the painting is finished for now. Trim still needs to be done in the main areas, and other rooms need to be painted, but all that can wait until after the Bash. Because, as we know, the food is really the main attraction of it all.

  3. Yes, the food is up there on the list, but so is seeing you again and getting a tour of the new house! See ya Sunday!

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