Planning the game

Today is bread day.

I’ve been turning ideas over in my head for dinner Sunday evening, which should bring four to five people to the table, with a sixth joining in after working late. I had picked Sunday as the start of The Challenge, so coming up with something tasty, nutritious, but not budget busting is in order. To help myself think more clearly, I’ve had some ice cream for breakfast. One thing that occurred to me while I was melting the ice cream a bit in order to get it down was that I hsould make some bread.

“Hey!” I said to myself. “You should make some bread, since you mentioned the pricing on your site.”

So, if I can find my loaf pans, I’ll be making some honey wheat bread, and perhaps some cinnamon bread as well. The nice thing about making bread is that there are preiods where you do nothing. The dough has to rise, after all. I love bread, although I can’t really eat any at the moment. The aroma of rising dough and then baking bread perfuming the house is delectable and comforting, and that smell is one for which I have a great deal of fondness.

Since Costco does not sell whole wheat flour at all, whether in 25 pound bags or 50, nor yeast, a trip to Publix is in order. We’ll just see how much cash one has to lay out for ingredients to make a couple loaves of bread, shall we?

More to come.

Thoughts on The Challenge

Before I get into those thoughts, something amusing from earlier this evening. I took my sisters to dinner before they went shopping (dresses for a wedding, or something). During the course of dinner, one conversation went something like this as they were talking about the MTV Movie Awards – or was it music? In any case…

Sister 2: You know, the guy with the voice.
Sister 1: Like James…James Earl Grey?
Me: Splorf.
Sister 2: (Gales of laughter)
Sister 1: Jones! James Earl Jones!
Sister 2: James Earl Grey Morning Blend. (More laughter)

It was probably something you had to be there for in order to appreciate the true hilarity of mixing James Earl Jones and a tea.

But on to the more serious issue: food.

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