Medical malfunction

Bet you thought I’d given up on the old challenge after just two days, eh?


No, I encountered an issue with my body not working the way it’s supposed to work. Day three saw a visit to the farmer’s market to pick up a few things and to see what the place was like mid-week. The morning was brilliant, sunny, and slowly warming into our usual mid-90 degree weather. I even took some pictures for those who don’t have the opportunity to visit. Before leaving, yours truly poured a cup of formula down the old tube: fast, calorie-laden formula.

After running a few more errands and returning home, though, things went rapidly south. Another round of forumla in the afternoon, and at around 3:30 I was stricken with yet another episode of that horrible burning, painful sensation around my sternum and into my abdominal area. as an added bonus this time, it was also painful to breathe, and for a few moments I actually considered having someone take me to the ER. Heaves, vomiting, pain, and sleep followed, in random and repeating order. That night, I had to go to the NOC to repair something, and had my sister drive. I managed to barf at the NOC and on the way home, although the latter was dry heaving. Painful. Another trip to the NOC was required at about 4:30 in the morning, and for that I drove myself – but also managed to do some more dry heaving after returning. Thursday, things calmed down again and I got a little soup down.

Today? A trip to the doctor, some samples of Prevacid, and we’ll see. If this doesn’t work, it’s going to be a trip to the GI for them to scope me, which will be just as unpleasant as everything else related to this cancer business.

However, I am catching up and will have updates a bit later today. My biggest problem right now is that I’m having trouble tasting anything, so all this soup tastes like just so much of nothing…