The Challenge: A break

What happened to days 24 and 25?

Illness. I ran out of Prevacid, alas, so day 24 opened with me being horribly sick. All. Day. Long. That’s no good, and makes for no eating, no cooking, and no being in a good mood. Day 25 was a wash, but I did recover by not eating a thing the day before and almost nothing on day 25. Go me.

On the plus side: we got the results of my PET scan from Monday. While it is still not negative, the activity continues to decrease. This means we’ll have to have another one in a couple of months. But it also means that we’re not seeing any increased activity and that we’re likely healing up very well. That’s good news.

For The Challenge: it’s on hold for this weekend, and I think I’ll just call days 24 and 25 do-overs, as we used to do as kids. My mom, aunt, and myself are now in Savannah. But that’s another entry.