So many pictures, so little time

Over the course of three days, I’ve managed to collect over 2000 photos. Sometimes, it’s a little disturbing just how many photos you can take with digital cameras. The only problem with this is that once you unload them, you have to pick out the ones you want – the ones that best represent what you’ve been doing, so they’ll illustrate your narrative in the best way possible. Those images then have to be resized, renamed, and uploaded. That, my dear readers, is a large task after a full day of travel, or, in the case of today, our first full day in San Antonio, after a full day of walking around everywhere in 90 degree weather.

So, I’m sorting through these batches, working on getting some images up. Friday, mom and I will be following Mission Trail, which links the five Missions that originally laid the groundwork for what became San Antonio. And you know what that means: more photo opportunities.

In the meantime, greetings from San Antonio.