How many times does it take…

…to get to the center of a person’s brain?

Let us say, for the moment, that there has been a significant issue with a server – like a massive hard drive failure – that requires everything on that server to be restored to another server. A newer server. Let us further say that obviously not all the settings on that newer server are going to be identical to the older server. Let us suppose that a web site requires a particular unsecured setting in order to operate, and that setting is no longer the default serverwide – that is, the setting, for security reasons, needs to be made on that one particular site that needs it.

Given all that, do you:

A: Constantly complain about the time it’s taking to get everything restored.
B: Continually update a ticket asking when the restore is going to be completed.
C: Display gross ignorance about anything technical by telling support to “put it all back the way it was”.
D: Complain that customers should be notified about “upgrades”, despite being told multiple times that no such “upgrade” was done on an arbitrary whim – not that the upgrade would have anything to do with the problem you’re having anyway.
E: Repeatedly ignore questions you are asked and the things you are told by support.
F: All of the above.

If you answered F, then you’re absolutely correct and you have identified the actions of clients who make up our own personal hell.

When we’ve been working 20 hours straight to get the server back up, the accounts restored, and cleaning up all the inevitable cleanup things that need to be done, doing all of that is going to make us very, very cranky. And we’ll note for you that it’s rather offensive to imply that we just sit around all day throwing rocks at a server trying to make it crash just to create more work for ourselves because we have nothing else we’d rather be doing or that we did something just to do it to you, personally. Free tip: you are not that important, and the world does not revolve around you, even though you’d like to believe otherwise. You are just like everyone else, except when you engage in F (All of the above): those times, you’re ruder and more unlikeable than everyone else.

But those of you who understand that shit happens, drives fail, and techs work their asses off because they do care: you’re tops in our book, because you use your common sense, even if you don’t understand all the technical mumbo jumbo. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “How many times does it take…”

  1. I a) think you need local support so you can spend more time COOKING!!!(heh) and b) think you guys run the best outfit out there. (I know I haven’t been spending much time on the site(s) this year, (FiL’s fault), but I’ve always had to commend you. Sod the Asshats!

  2. Unbelievable …yet I believe it even more as a result of my newish day job, where a minority of clients routinely project their own incompetence and/or insecurities in an attempt to make it seem *you* are desperately wrong and they are stunningly right. That minority, though, takes a lot of the pleasure out of what we do for a living, don’t you find?

  3. What about “G”
    Have no freakin’ clue what you’re talking about, but send the monthly check anyway.
    That would be my response.

  4. I actually just hired a guy here locally. He’s currently being trained in My Way of doing things.

    That minority, Maurice, is exactly the reason I’m so happy I have hobbies outside the tech world. Too many geeks do computers, and that’s all they know, so when they become too disgusted, there’s nothing outside that realm for them to look to to get recharged. What surprises me more than anything is that for some of these people, the way they act electronically is exactly the way they act in real life. That seems a rather sad existence to me.

    Answering G is fine: at least you know what you don’t know. There are bonus karma points for that in this lifetime.

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