Grunt work

Like people, animals have their idiosyncracies.

Newton, for instance, doesn’t really play “fetch” in the traditional sense. If he has to go get a ball, he’s keeping it, dammit.

The Princess, meanwhile, remains unimpressed by everyone and everything, which is suitable for someone of her station, I expect.

This guy showed up outside today, munching on a cricket. A good thing, in my book, as crickets are a pain in the ass for lawns and gardens.

When he (or she) dropped that cricket, we could tell it had been sucked dry. It sounded just like a dead leaf dropping on pavement.

The people around here, though, had work to do. While there was no particular farm-related work done today beyond my spreading of compost on the first patch of level ground – the first of the month is very busy, business-wise – yesterday we made a large dent in the big pile of branches. Here, The Boy is preparing to haul away a load to the chipper pile after we had been working for awhile.

Tomorrow, we hope to finish that big pile and clear up the other, smaller ones that are scattered about. I’m also hoping to get my compost tilled in and my seedling emptied into that area. Everyone needs a goal…

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