Life on the farm

This is what greeted me Sunday morning – and what greets me most mornings, as it happens, when I get up after a couple of hours of sleep.

More in the extended entry. Since I’m on dialup, too many images on the front page means forever load times if everything is on the front page. So, click it, already.

Sunday was an interesting day, as we gassed up the tractor, checked all the levels, and took it for a test drive before putting the cart on it and hauling some of the branches from around the property over to the chipper pile.

We let mom have the honors. This is probably the last time she’ll drive it, because as she made very clear, she is not cutting any grass (assuming that I convince some to grow). She’s off!

Hey, bring back my tractor! You can see the rather massive primary pile of branches behind her in this image.

Enjoyed your ride, did you? Throttle up a bit there.

It was then time for us to hook up the cart and get to work.

Which we did. But that’s for another entry.

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