Barn-raising in modern times

We’ve all seen the movies where someone is putting up a barn and the entire community comes out to help get the structure built. In most of the films I’ve seen, that community is either homesteaders out on the plains of the wide open west or an Amish community. In both cases, the men did all the manly man stuff and the women made lunch and brought them water. It took a day (or two), and in the end, the farmer or homesteader had a nice new barn.

We still had guys come out to pour the pad for the barn. The difference is, I wasn’t toting water for anyone, it didn’t take all day to get it done, and they brought in a cement truck.

This will be the firm base for the barn, which will be built by a team that does not include us. We won’t have any horses in it except for the mechanized variety (at least not yet).

As with any fresh concrete pour, you really have to lay your claim to it.

Who says our furry critters are not considered family?

Another change from the olden days: we’re still awaiting permits for the structure. I bet those folks out in the old west didn’t have to file paperwork with the county.

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