Right, that’s why we do this

Thanks, person who shall remain nameless, for reminding us just why we do anything at all for people.

“Your righteous attitude and cold indifference to my plight are disappointing. Cancel my account again.”

Ah, yes. You were the one who wrote to us instead of your old host to cancel your account and didn’t bother to make any backups of your Very Important Files. This is what we get for digging around to find what we could for the account rather than just telling you outright you were out of luck because our terms clearly state that we don’t retain backups of removed accounts. A sure indication of…well, nothing like you’re saying. Next time maybe you’ll use that tiny brain of yours before you do something. At the moment, you’re just a regular, run of the mill jackass blaming someone else for your own failure. I’d be surprised, but quite frankly, we’ve seen it all too often.

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