Dialing it in

The great dialup adventure is history.

Dialup, for generalized (i.e., home, or personal) use would probably be workable. But my productivity level dropped fairly significantly, and adding just a couple of minutes to everything that I need to do online adds up after awhile. So, in mid-July, I had this planted in the garden.

Why this space? It’s close to the run for the television satellite dish, allowed the access hole to be drilled right next to the tv dish cabling, has a clear view of the sky, and was a good enough place for a six foot pole to sprout from the ground without being an eyesore. Since that area of garden one has nothing in it, and won’t, that’s where I decided to have the installation done.

I set up a wireless network in the house, so now everyone has access to it, and my personal productivity levels have gone back to what they were – and that allows me to get things done and get outside for work there.

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