3 thoughts on “What’s growing on, part one”

  1. That’s amazing! How fast do they grow?

    And you taught me a lesson, too. I thought that looked like a squash blossom, so I checked, and melons are in the squash family. I had no idea…

  2. Some days, I’d be pleased to never leave my house and property again, given the assholery out in the world.

    The melons, once they actually fruited, grow very quickly – but still not quickly enough for my sister, who is waiting for the first one to be ready for picking, slicing, and eating. She also wants them to behave and ripen in an orderly fashion so that the harvesting, such as it will be, can allow for the pleasures of eating the melons along and along. Silly girl, she doesn’t understand that plants have their own timetable. At worst, we’ll be awash in a sea of watermelon. That’s not an entirely bad situation to have.

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