‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving

A bit of a foggy start to it, truth be told.

But the day rapidly turned into a clear, sunny, gorgeous Fall day in Florida. Who says we don’t have fall here?

That was the view from a stop light as The Boy and I made our way to Publix. The day before Thanksgiving. At noon. Crazy, you say? Sure to be a madhouse? Not at all: the super secret, brand new store, near a development that isn’t anywhere near capacity is a win. No crowds – there are never crowds at this store (yet). The people are friendly to the point of being annoying, since every worker bee from managers to stockers will ask you how you’re doing and if you need help. And since there were all sorts of staff on hand, vastly outnumbering the shoppers, we were asked probably a dozen times each of these questions.

What were we buying? Stuff. Lots of stuff.

This was in anticipation of the 20-30 people we expected to appear. On the way back, we got to enjoy more of the palette Mother Nature thought it nice to share with the rest of us.

And we made it home safely with our loot.

What happened next? That’s another episode.