Because some people have nothing better to do

There are apparently so few really important issues that exist in Iowa that they need to create one. Who knew that Minnesota, who did the very same thing last year, was in a similar predicament? Clearly, there are no economic or social issues that require the attention of the critters in the legislatures there. They’re busy dithering over flags when they could be doing something even more spectacularly stupid, like various school districts are doing in Florida, and debating whether to “offend” the uber-religious nutters by suggesting that science and biology classes actually teach something scientific, like evolution. I must say, though, that the arguments from those nutbags is probably a lot more amusing – and much more terribly disappointing – than the debate that no doubt is going on about that foreign-made flag business .

4 thoughts on “Because some people have nothing better to do”

  1. You should move to Canada – we’re so busy trying to cope with the weather that we don’t think of flags at all and we don’t have as many religious nutters as you do there.

  2. I’m afraid it gets much, much too cold up there for me. Although I do see that open land is quite cheap up there, I had my fill of northern winters long ago.

  3. It’s not just Iowa with this problem. Here in Florida, several id10t’s were running on the platform of removing topless club billboards from the interstates.

    Yes, I’d like them to disappear, but this is MORE important than getting our homeowner’s insurance premiums capped?

    I came over from Blog 365? Mind if I read for a bit?

  4. Stay as long as you like. There’s even (virtual) food.

    Remove the “We dare to bare” signs? Horrors. After all, isn’t that what all the spring breakers look forward to when they come down here?

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