To the moon, Alice

It seems that way, at times. The first round of snow peas wanted to climb right off the top of the five foot trellis we’d made for them.

The scarlet runner beans have done so, reaching up over the topmost brace, grasping for something that is not there. Yet. I haven’t decided whether to wind those tendrils back on to the existing trellis or come up with a super clever idea to allow them to climb even higher.

Scarlet runner beans

For the new round of snow peas, I did build an eight foot trellis, just in case. I still need to string it so they’ll have something to climb when the time comes, and that task should be interesting since I’ll need a ladder to reach the top brace.

All the Vermont cranberry beans germinated, along with most of the cowpeas (black eyed peas), the snap beans, and the shelling peas (Little Marvel). We’ll be up to our asses in beans and peas, probably all at the same time. Not a bad problem to have, really.

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