The McCain/Palin nastiness has gotten so horifying, hateful, and bizarre (come on – Michelle Obama happened to join the same firm in the 80s as Ayers’ wife, years after the latter did? Is that what you’re seriously talking about as the whole world goes to hell?) that it does offer a chance to get some focus on “getting things right” as some of our ancestors might say, rather than listening to yet another round of whatever they’re spewing.

For me: getting a couple of bills paid off, and getting the garden in order. And as a side note, watching my nephew grow up. First step: teeth.

Soon, he’ll have a mouthful. I’m hoping my sister will let us start feeding him real food. I made a most excellent batch of roasted butternut squash soup tonight, after all.

Not spicy, pureed, and perfect for both growing babies and people who had half their tongue ripped out. OK, surgically removed with a laser, and not ripped, but it feels like it sometimes.

The winter garden is in progress.

These are the long frames that held the corn out back. The space they used to occupy is going to be seeded with winter wheat (why not?) while we decide how to deal with the low lying areas. Right now we have sugar snaps, snow peas, lima beans, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, and celery sown here – that’s a lot of “c” vegetables, isn’t it? For good measure, I also put out some Texas bluebonnet for those butterflies that are still hanging out in our mild temperatures.

You know what else is hanging around?

I found it munching on one of the few surviving tomato plants out back, and used Mom’s finger as a measure. Before it died at my hand. Boot. Whatever. No munching on my vegetables.

Tomorrow: sowing spinach and some buttercrunch lettuce. Another round of broccoli, since the first batch is about a month in from seed now. And, since I found both rabbit and deer poo out front – ’tis the season – getting the fence up. I also need to get the garlic in the frames, so we’ll be relocating more frames and dirt from the rear garden to the front. I have an 18 cell flat with tomatoes and peppers that is going outside tomorrow, and eventually into their own frames, with cover to keep the nasties away as much as possible.

Oh, and there’s that whole work thing, too – setting up new servers, maintenance, answering tickets and the like. The usual.