One fine day

Another lovely fall (for us) day of working outside.

I laid out the irrigation tubes across the long frames. Everything is coming up very nicely except one of the caulifowers. I’m fairly sure I probably knocked it out when I had the soaker hoses on the frames while I was reworking the tubing. Fortunately, I have more seed to replace duds and those meeting with a dire fate.

The second frame in the second row there has the spinach and lettuce, with five varieties of onion in the third frame.

Today was also garlic day!

That is the Bavarian Purple, separated into cloves and ready to be pushed into the soil. I also have Inchelium Red, Polish Softneck, and Kazakhstan in. With good fortune, we’ll have plenty of garlic for eating as well as some to put back in for the next planting.

I think we also found our future farmer today.