It’s what’s for dinner

Hoo boy.

No, we’re not planning on eating the entire thing in one sitting. It’s just three of us for dinner. This is a sirloin tip roast, one of the various cuts we picked up from our quarter cow order and packed off into the freezer. Tonight, this very good looking piece of meat was seasoned very simply (salt, pepper, garlic), seared, and then put into the oven with some freshly squeezed orange juice (oranges courtesy of my aunt’s highly burdened tree). The leftovers will be part of the makings of salads and sandwiches.

What to eat with that? How about some butternut squash, roasted with some butter, salt, pepper, and brown sugar.

That’s rice there in the background. We also picked up some buffalo mozzarella from our visit to the new Whole Foods in the city. The cheese is from Italy (not too many buffalo around these parts) and was fine indeed. Tangy and cheesy and just good eating.

Whole Foods apparently have issues with people taking pictures inside their store, for some reason. Why is that? Scared of people knowing that it’s set up just like any other specialty grocery? It isn’t as if there is anything proprietary in nature about a publicly accessible place like this. The people were friendly enough, the place was very clean, and it was packed with customers. My pulled pork looked much better than that on their hot bar, but they did have some other good looking things. I was very tempted to pick up one of the whole fresh grouper they had in the case. At 10.99/pound, it was a great deal when you’re not right on top of the dock buying it off the boat. Perhaps another time.