The things you find

We had a cool front blow through very quickly yesterday, dropping five minutes of heavy rain and leaving behind a lot of wind. Perfect time to get out and plant a long line of peas and snap beans – 30 feet of each – and start getting the frames in shape for the coming transplants. That means leveling out the dirst, pulling miscellaneous weeds and crap out of the frames, but also finding a few surprises here and there.

Like an unwelcome slumbering pest.

This would have been a hornworm had it survived the cleanup. It didn’t.

Nor did this visitor.

That one went to the chicken as a snack.

On the plus side, I also found a stray peanut in one of the frames, happily sprouting in the temperate weather we’ve had. I put that back in the frame, and we’ll have others joining it. I also found these volunteers, which should give a fairly good idea of just how warm it’s been.

Yes, those are watermelon seedlings. They probably all died from the surprise freeze last night, but it was nice to see them out there, going about the only business they know.