Winter has arrived…finally

Our winter has finally arrived, starting tomorrow night: an entire week of freezing temperatures. I’m not terribly thrilled about it, since I don’t tolerate the cold very well, but it is good practice for the garden area and a time for experimenting. Leaving a few herbs uncovered, for instance – the sage is supposed to be incredibly cold hardy, so how will it react to temps in the 20s? The garlic should be able to survive, although we will be putting some straw down around it. The peas I know will not take hard freezes, so they will get teepees of plastic to carry them through each night. We’re building a cover for the wellhead and bladder, to keep them from freezing and knocking out the water when we get up in the mornings. And, we’re rigging a heat lamp in the coop to keep the sole chicken from freezing her tailfeathers off during the overnights.

I’m just happy I don’t live someplace like this: