2008 in review

In my idle moments today – between calming people frantic for no reason whatsoever, explaining to people that yes, they must pay for their domains before they are registered or renewed, and resetting yet another password – I thought about 2008 and what happened.

One of my cats died, from cancer. We got another dog, who is cute as hell. We got three chicks, who became chickens, and then started laying eggs. We had several great parties. We fenced the front of the property, and had a good garden going. We survived yet another brush with a hurricane and then a tropical storm that dumped a foot of rain locally. One of the chickens flew the coop. Another was killed by a critter. My sister had her baby, my brother finalized his divorce. I continued my numerous visits to the dentist in an attempt to keep my teeth. I finally had a PET scan that was determined to be “clear”, rather than one still showing small levels of activity. I turned 40 and my mom turned 60. We didn’t get any corn beyond a few ears, but haven’t given up, even though we’re probably fools for not doing so. We expanded again at the NOC, and made some application changes to make our lives simpler. We decided that the 2009 gardening should be much bolder – and much bigger – than 2008, and are planning accordingly. We spent a quiet New Year’s Eve at home, having dinner and playing games.

All in all, not a bad year from a life standpoint. What more could anyone ask?