You would think it was spring around here – except for the temps that are supposed to drop into the teens. I think I’ve had enough of winter already. This is Florida, after all.

I’m a little concerned about some of the babies in the flats, since they’re a little leggy. The benefit of starting early, though, is that there’s time to start more flats before things really get rolling.

What’s for dinner? The heart of some animal.

Kidding! No organ meats for me, as I think they are supremely disgusting. Cranberry sauce, made at Thanksgiving in a huge batch and frozen in smaller batches, for those nights when it’s chilly – or downright cold – and you have a hankering for a nice warming dinner.

Some roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and stuffing. Just the thing to fuel someone up before heading out to turn on the various taps so the pipes don’t freeze and burst (or heave up, although that’s unlikely since the trenches we dug are two feet down).