Test veg

There are some things you really can’t tell a thing about until you pull one out of the ground. A parsnip, for instance.

Coming along nicely. Another month-ish, and this batch should be ready to pull completely. I have some seed soaking for the next round, to be planted tomorrow. Along with the potatoes and peanuts. Not all together, of course, no matter how alliteratively that would work.Tonight, flat five: more tomatoes to replace the seedlings that are much too leggy, and more peppers.

About a week and  a half ago – just before the frigied cold snap – I had planted more sugar snap peas (shelling peas) and some bush snap beans. I’d been waiting to water them, figuring that we’d pass through the freezes and then start convincing them to pop out of the ground.

As it happens, they had other plans.

These peas are more cold hardy than I figured. I’ll let these go, and start another round in a couple of weeks.

And now, a random puppy picture: resting after an arduous ball chasing session.