Another month rolls by

Another day turning into another month. The Big Game is on today, and I seem to recall something else scheduled as well. What could it be?

Ah, right.

The Boy’s birthday. Said Boy would like everyone to know that the sunset photo from that cold, cold night in January was taken by him. He was out in the front of the property, with me, taking photos while I was hustling to get things covered before the light disappeared completely. Slacker. I kid, I kid. He did assist and we got everything bundled up that night.

His birthday dinner: steak, baked potatoes, broccoli au gratin. As bonuses, guacamole…

and a couple of batches of homemade ice cream, at Gabrielle’s request. Strawberry and an experiment on my part:

That is chocolate espresso. Judged by mom and Gabs to be fine indeed. Me, I drink quite a bit of coffee, but the only coffee-flavored thing I like is…coffee.

We had our official taster standing by.

He had quite a bit of guacamole earlier – who knew he would like it so much? – but there was something else that had to be tested.

Hmm. Ever so piquant, and thoroughly enjoyable buttercream, with dazzling colors.

The full effect on the palate canot be overstated.

Highly recommended. Cake for all!