I was, admittedly, being a bit impatient. It is not the fault of the seeds that they do not instantaneously sprout up and grow like wildfire, ready to transplant out and bring forth the fruits of my labor. The impatience is borne at least partially out of the strangely frigid weather we’ve had, and partially out the desire to try to recoup the time lost to family issues and my own illness during the height of last year’s season.

I’ll also admit that the first task of putting up the lights in the barn made it look strangely like a horror movie set.

Barn lights

Let me assure my gentle readers that I have no intention of inflicting any bodily harm on anyone. Bugs that attempt to gnaw my plants down to nothing, yes. Weeds, certainly. But people are safe, unless they happen to stumble in and get tangled up in things. Or unless they happen to crash a body part on one of the grow lights.

The first two flats were tomatoes (stupice) and a variety of herbs, since some take forever to germinate, much to the dismay of the more impatient farmer types.