Can you see me now?

As I was getting a prescription for eye drops filled – for reasons that will become clear – I was looking at all the food (in some cases, that term is used very loosely) that I can no longer eat for whatever reason. Many of those reasons are dental: I have crowns, missing teeth, ¬†and some weak teeth, so terribly crunchy things are out of the question, and I have so little tongue movement that some foods I simply cannot move around well to chew enough to get down (lettuce is a huge issue). While some things are really unfortunate – I’d kill or seriously maim to be able to eat a good salad now and again – in other cases, like the sheer variety of Halloween candy, it comes in handy to be able to avoid chowing down. In a lot of cases, I no longer even have the desire to eat any of that sweet stuff anyway. Good and bad, pros and cons everywhere.

The drops were for my eyes, to help my night vision. About three years ago, I had lasik on both eyes. The right eye, where I had an astigmatism, turned out really well. The left eye I was never completely satisfied with, but the folks at the place where I had it done didn’t seem terribly enthusiastic about doing/recommending anything, and in both eyes, night vision is poor. So I found someone else, because lately, the left eye is getting significantly worse, to the point of giving me headaches from time to time. They did a full workup, even doing one of the image captures twice, and the doctor says there is some cloudiness at the bottom of the left lens. Precursor to a cataract? Some side effect of getting blasted with radiation (since the more powerful dose was on the left side, where the cancer was)? Who knows. In the meantime, he recommended doing nothing for now, and rechecking in six months. So we shall see (get it?) where that leads.