I’ve been thinking quite a bit about bees lately. At the moment, I’m mostly considering where I want to place the hives and when to start sowing the seeds of things I picked up specifically for them so that we may have something in bloom when the packages of bees finally arrive.

Some people go into full-on apocalypse mode – TEOTWAWKI – and talk humorously about defending against the zombie hordes, but in reading everything I possibly can about bees, it turns out zombification may be an issue amongst bees as well. I have to say I would not be as worried about zombie bees as the humanoid variety (no opposable thumbs!) but hopefully this won’t be an issue here for a very, very long time (if ever).

2 thoughts on “Abuzz”

  1. Funny you mention this, I’m writing a post this week about getting started with bees, based on my experiences.

    Having survived my first year so far, feel free to holler if you have any questions. It’s definitely a kick in the pants.

    And oddly enough, since going from bulky gear and gloves to just a veil and no gloves, I haven’t gotten stung since. My friends think I’m crazy, but the local bee guys suggested I try it, and it worked great!

  2. I can’t wait. I’m really looking forward to working the bees, and the way the weather has been around here (no winter to speak of short of a couple of days of freezes) we should be in full bloom by the time the packages arrive. I’ll definitely call out if I need to – people who don’t ask for words of wisdom when they don’t know something are fools.

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