First flat out

I promised myself that this weekend would see at least one flat started in the (now clean) barn. Done: artichokes, lavender, stevia, and oregano went into this one. They’re settled in, the dome is on, and the lights are lowered to just above the top of the dome, set on a timer so I don’t have to remember to go out every evening to turn them off.

Last night while clicking around I found someone’s page about the exact, necessary steps to start pepper seeds. I agreed with some of the items, but disagreed with more, and closed it out, vowing to continue my method that according to this person should not work at all. The final seven plus pounds of peppers I took in just after the new year before the killing frost came tells me we must be on the right track.

More flats to come. Next weekend I’d like to start the tomatoes and peppers to get them going and be ready by March to get them out. I took a detour through the rear garden on my way back in, and despite what I’d hoped, the shelling peas did not survive the temperatures in the teens that we had. Those will need to come out, but that’s a good thing, as it means I can top those frames with some good topsoil and compost to have them ready for whatever will go in there next. Brassicas, I think. Today during football will be an ideal time to map out what goes where for spring planting.

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