Some never learn

I posted previously about the asinine decision by the Susan G Komen (SGK) foundation to drop grants for Planned Parenthood. I’ve posted previously about the Dervaes and how they managed to destroy their goodwill and reputation in the span of about 24 hours. It seems that some people, so intent as they are of bending everyone else to their will – even when it’s clear that such moves are deeply unpopular and (to put it plainly) just damn stupid – cannot seem to learn a simple lesson: your business and brand are important things, and screwing around with them in a fashion that is destined to fail whatever core values you claim to hold can take the business or brand down so low that it likely will never recover. This is not the olden days when most things simply were not newsworthy enough on a national scale to warrant mention on Cronkite’s newscast. This is the Internet age. It’s difficult to keep anything a secret, and virtually impossible to not people talk about major actions you are taking. SGK, in a furtherance of its insane decision to lead where the whackjobs lead, under its new policy will no longer fund any cancer research that involves the use of embryonic stem cells.

So, just how is caving in to the rabid right wing working out for SGK? Not. Very. Well. At. All. Directors are resigning. The organization’s own top public health official resigned in protest. Various affiliates are ignoring this directive and will continue funding Planned Parenthood. The corporate partners are going to be figuring out just how much they want to be involved in this.

What is highly ironic about this is just days before SGK decided that the poor and uninsured shouldn’t be permitted to use Planned Parenthood to get cancer screenings and referrals for mammograms, they posted this to their Facebook page:

“The CDC released a new study today that marks improvement in some minority cancer screening rates, but big gaps remain for the poor and uninsured.”

So, obviously, the proper response to this sort of study is to pull grants a couple of days later from an organization that bridges the gap in cancer screening for the poor and uninsured.

SGK, you may be in full damage control mode now, but you have irrevocably damaged your brand. Trying out a new line, like this one

“Our Board of Directors approved new grants standards to improve direct services to women, says Komen Founder and CEO Amb. Nancy G. Brinker. Money is not being “withdrawn” from Planned Parenthood – will be invested in programs to serve low-income, uninsured and underinsured women.”

is disingenuous at best, and at worst, is completely dishonest. Planned Parenthood already has the infrastructure in place to service the poor and uninsured. It is WHY THEY ARE FUNDED. In fact, it’s why someone at SGK presumably approved this text as recently as last year.

‎”And while Komen Affiliates provide funds to pay for screening, education and treatment programs in dozens of communities, in some areas, the only place that poor, uninsured or under-insured women can receive these services are through programs run by Planned Parenthood.”

Because of your craven need to adhere to strict right wing ideology, where it will never be enough until everything about a woman’s control over her own body is restricted, you are now finding out just how misguided that vision is. People in general are much more moderate than that. They, unlike the people supporting this decision, do not quote discredited “studies” like those linking abortion to breast cancer, or the “not intended to be a factual statement” that what Planned Parenthood does is “97% abortions”. The fact that your most shrill supporters are using these sorts of things to applaud your actions speaks volumes to those of us with more brain cells than that and more compassion for those less fortunate.

I’ve been through cancer. Twice. Once without insurance. Once with. It’s much, much better with insurance, but I’d be dead today if I hadn’t been able to afford the initial steps that caught the first cancer – only to be tossed out on my own with a “Yep, you’ve got cancer.” by the doctor who did the original biopsy, because I had no insurance. I was fortunate enough to find other medical professionals who worried less about how I was going to pay for something, what I looked like, what I did for a living, or anything else, and more about how to get me to the other side. That is exactly how I view Planned Parenthood and their cancer screenings, and why, no matter what SGK does from here out, I will never contribute in any way to that organization. I will encourage anyone I know who donates to likewise give to an organization less concerned with the appeasing the right wing and more concerned with actual caring.

You’ve burned your bridges with me and a lot of other people. Maybe now someone will look at why your actual outlay of funds for research (low) to your overhead (high) is as it is. That would be something: maybe your corporate sponsors will decide not to fund you because you’re under investigation.