More reasons

Not to vote Republican. Seriously.

Something that serves no purpose whatsoever, designed merely to humiliate women and further degrade their control over their own bodies. Ironic that people who constantly harp about “too much government” have no problem with things like this, having the government step right in and dictate medical procedures. This ranks right up there in this war against women with the nutty debate over contraception (hint: YOU’RE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THIS ISSUE), and the supremely odious implication that there isn’t such a thing as “too much rape”¬†in the armed forces, or by extension, that apparently all male members of the armed forces are rapists.¬†Luckily, Jon Stewart had a field day with that latter piece of nonsense, so there’s no need for me to point out the obvious, other than to wonder just why Republicans seem to hate women so much.