Living the doom

I’ve been watching the Doomsday Preppers show on National Geographic, and then the other night stumbled across Meet the Preppers: My Pink Gun on (of all networks) Animal Planet. The latter seems to be all about scaring the crap out of the kids, to the point of staging a kidnapping in a park of two of the kids. The people who are one hundred percent wrapped up in looking at everything as a disaster, or potential disaster – the show on NatGeo, for instance, had a couple who claimed to spend the equivalent of a fulltime job canning and putting up supplies each week – I have to ask: what about actually living the life that’s here right now? I’m all for being prepared, even though I discount some of the whacked out scenarios some of these people come up with, but I’m also a big believer in balance, and I have no intention of going down the rabbit hole and making it all I ever do. That’s no way to live, to me.