Houston, we have fencing

OK, we’re not in Houston, and it isn’t the full 400′ of fencing along the common boundary between our property and redneck neighbor’s, but the fence is up in the two most vital areas right now: at the far southern back end of the property where he removed his fence, and a section nearer to the cultivated area where his kids and our other neighbor’s kids have tromped down the wire fencing. We’ll work on clearing out the remaining 200′ between the two sections, which includes taking down a massive pine tree that looks to be about 75′ tall (hello, tree service!), as we go along so we can get the guys back and have them construct the remainder of the fence. I walked around quite a bit through the wild part of the property – where most of the fence was being built – with my nephew and did a lot of squatting to talk to him and point things out in the process, and this has turned into a huge mistake on my part: my back is seizing up in an even more painful way than it did the first morning after the original strain, and it’s making for a very uncomfortable evening here, even sitting in my recliner. But, dinner is good – almond crusted, lightly fried chicken tenders, and loaded potato au gratin. Plus a pain pill and a muscle relaxer to try to help my back, neither of which seems to be doing any good but which will hopefully kick in at some point for a little relief.

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