Changing of the guard

Not the guard dog(s), no, even though they’re not much in the way of guarding anything. It’s typical for me to hear something outside before they do – but then again, it’s typical for me to hear something before anyone, so that isn’t terribly surprising.

The temp is changing. Fast. It was 80 here today, and with the possible exception of the horseshit aroma wafting in from the south since one of the redneck neighbors got a horse after a blissful year or so of not having one, an absolutely beautiful day. It would be perfect for weeding out the remnants of crap from some beds and starting the coolish weather seeds (peas, spinach) if it were not for my back still giving me fits. And here is my rant about my (GP) doctor’s office: I had blood work done and some xrays done, and I have no idea what any of them say. They haven’t called, and trying to call them results in a busy signal or the leaving of a message that is not returned. I’d like to think that means there’s nothing earth-shattering in the results, but I’d still like to know. It won’t change my less than patient attitude about my own health, but it would remove something form the todo list. Anyone who has seen my todo lists knows just how important that is.

In other news, I watched the latest Doomsday Preppers, and two of the three people they profiled just seem insane. One guy keeping his kids out of school to teach them how to interpret bird calls and drink from moss (his disappointment about one of his sons not sharing his enthusiasm for the end of the world is palpable) and one woman who has no life (she even admitted this) because she’s convinced the government is going to declare martial law any day now. Obviously, I didn’t expect the people they were likely to showcase to be too many steps about the conspiracy theory level, but living in constant dread of martial law, here? Please.