Insanity: Restart

I decided not to wait until Sunday to restart things – why delay the inevitable? So, it was back to day one this afternoon, which kicked my ass again. I wound up stopping a couple of times, and at the very end, my throat was so warm that I was quite literally wheezing, with a very distinct hooting noise coming out with every exhale. A little ice on my neck took care of that, although my mom said, “Why don’t you try something else that’s not going to kill you?” instead of this.What’s the worst that could happen? I’ll pass out, cool down, and my throat will release so I can breathe. Piece of cake.

One thing I am proud of this time: I did not stop during the suicide drills, and made it through each set of those. The jumping for power squats and basketball shots was causing my left knee to twinge, so I skipped the jumping part of those and just did the squat/up portion. Still a worthy workout on the quads and glutes, and by the end my legs were on fire.

There is nothing quite like pushing yourself – after all, you never know what you’re really capable of until you do.

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