Injury time out

Could it be that my right shoulder ache (through the joint and into the traps) was from yesterday’s workout? Or could it be from today’s adventure on the tractor, cutting the jungle of a yard we now have after two feet of rain from Debby strolling through the northern part of the state here? Anyone who has visited the ranch knows that this place had two kinds of “soil” when we bought the property: white sand and hardpack clay. I’ve spent quite a lot of time rehabbing the soil, but there are still areas of the clay here and there that is just like rolling along concrete. Worse, it’s terribly bumpy. All newer riding mowers/tractors have a contact under the seat. If you raise your butt out of the seat while it’s running, it will shut off as a safety feature. Today, while traveling over one particularly bad area to get some mowing done when it was a balmy 99 degrees outside, I got bounced so badly that it yanked the steering wheel – and thus my right arm – in a bad way, and also bounced me off the seat enough that it almost shut down the entire thing. In any case, both my left hip and my right shoulder have hurt like hell this afternoon and evening, which also means a workout was out of the question.

Instead, I’ve been working on business stuff and had a nap earlier to try to catch up on a bit of the sleep I lost while we had houseguests here. It’s probably better that there was no workout today, since I have scans tomorrow as followups to ensure there are no ghosts still lurking in my machine. That would be good news, and if all goes well, perhaps we’ll be able to move along to yearly scans and doctor visits instead of the every six months schedule we’re on right now. That would be a welcome thing indeed.