This might qualify

As a first world problem: a new server we ordered for a client, and shipped overnight, refused to boot. Power on, yes, but perform the POST, no – not even a hint of video and no drive probing. After unhooking and reseating every single thing, from the power connectors to the memory to the CPU itself, we got nothing. We asked the vendor to overnight a new motherboard, thinking that would solve the problem. Nada. Yesterday I asked them to overnight a new CPU, since that was the one component I had no replacement for, given this was a new motherboard type we’ve never used before. Nothing. So, tonight I’ll be ordering a server based on a specification we’ve ordered before, that we know works just fine, and next week we will ship back this server, the extra motherboard, and the extra CPU. If you want to know what drives people in tech crazy, it’s problems like this. Well, that and the people who can’t keep their passwords secure, and then bitch at us when we set minimum password strength requirements that prohibit them from using “password” as their new password.