Life with teeth

We’re on week two (just over, to be technical) with the new fake teeth after having the rest ripped out. In the beginning, it was very, very painful, but as the gums healed, I got my sutures out, and we’ve had some adjustments on the dentures, they’re getting more comfortable. I won’t say completely comfortable, because they aren’t there yet. I haven’t been able to eat real food since the day before extraction, which means these past two weeks have been meal after meal of my usual breakfast: protein shakes and coffees. I’m not really wired for longterm liquid diets; my next visit to the dentist for adjusting the dentures once more is on the 15th. No doubt there will be further addition of the soft form fitting crap they put on the back of the dentures to conform as my mouth continues to heal and change. He says there will probably be about three months of this, to allow for the changes in the bone to settle in, but hopefully at some point before that I’ll be able to use some denture glue to hold the damn things in place so I can try to eat real food. My last attempt at eating, last night, was a disaster and just left me pissed off about the entire thing, while at the same time, intellectually I know that some people have it worse off than me, and I had Roger Ebert in mind at the time, given that he was unable to eat or speak after the last round of cancer bullshit he went through. And today, sadly, he died, so I’m still better off than that.

On we go, though: the great reframing of 2013 continues. The back garden is entirely reframed and ready for weeding, to be followed by hauling dirt/poop to top them off. My sister and I started on the front Tuesday, and I hope to finish that all off by this weekend, as it’s time to plant things that can be directly sowed given that the weather has now turned warm and is staying there instead of giving us random freezes. Plus, the flats under the lights in the barn are suffering from a too long stay – again, thanks to the freakish weather – and they need to be freed and into the frames as well. With any luck, by next weekend, we’ll be ready for the temp labor to run around frantically with wheelbarrows topping everything so we can get our real season underway here.


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