Flats, that is: since only one flat of peppers is doing anything approaching a level of health that would allow them to be transplanted, today I reseeded two flats with paprikas, scotchbonnets, jalapenos, and bells. Those have been left out on the potting table by the back garden, and they’ll stay there until at least Sunday afternoon. Beginning Monday, we’re expecting lines of storms to roll through all week, so they’ll need to go into the barn before that, to keep the rains from washing out the seeds before they can germinate.

Meanwhile, in the actual garden, all the tomatoes have been transplanted to frames, primarily in the rear garden.

Tomatoes, rear garden, April 2013


They don’t look like much right now, but soon enough they will be behemoths, hard to manage, and churning out fruit. The bush beans are also up and ready to get growing. The cukes down the center have a couple of days of a head start, but these, too, will all soon be spiraling their way toward the sky.

Cukes and beans April 2013

Thursday, the front garden got some desperately needed weeding done, and things look much tidier now – the garlic surely appreciates the removal of all the other stuff fighting for resources, I’m sure.  It would if it could think, anyway. After all, thistle running amok brings down the value of the neighborhood.

Weed free for now April 2013

Saturday’s plan: point out the things I want my brother to take care of, then more weeding for me, and prepping one of the rows for the seed potatoes I completely forgot I had ordered. It’s supposed to be beautiful this weekend, with perfect weather for being outdoors, getting a little sweat going and basking in the sunshine. If you’re in the area and feel like getting a good honest day’s manual labor in, and then being fed a tasty home-cooked meal, come on along to the ranch. We always have something for people to do out here.


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