Fickle fall

Fall at the ranch is much like spring: the temperatures are moderating, the humidity is not as stifling, and it is, overall, not a terrible time to work outside. What is not like spring is that there are not a huge number of things in bloom, and although the bees search far and wide, there generally is not enough nectar for them to collect as they would as the growing season ramps up. It can also be a time of ambivalence as far as Mother Nature is concerned. One day the thermometer may soar to near 90F and the next, a true fall-like day reveals itself, with a high of only 70F. Even some of the trees seem to be confused about what to do during the unsettled period which acts as the change of seasons for us.

Japanese Maple

Eventually, everything will settle into its proper place for our very short winter, and before too long we will once again be roaring into our short spring before heading right back into summer. For now, we work on the cleanup tasks like weeding and pruning in order to put the gardens into a brief slumber before gently shaking them awake to get their bearings to start all over again.