Working it out, Dec 7, 2015

Two treadmill sessions, 12.5 minutes each, and a bit over half a mile each. At that pace, I could walk a marathon in just under nine hours. Not that I would want to do that.

Quick check on the hives, and amazingly enough, hive #11, which has a super on it, has seven frames of almost fully capped honey. The benefit of a lengthy season and unseasonably warm weather. Hive #5, which contains the swarm I caught late in the season, does not have a lot of laying by the queen, and not a ton of bees in it. The plan is to move some capped brood over to it while the weather is still moderate – perhaps even wrap the hive to keep it warmer than the girls can do on their own – so they will have more bees to work with as we inch toward winter.