Working it out, Dec 11, 2015

I went to bed at about 4 AM this morning, slept for a few hours, and got back up to begin another day. Both treadmill sessions done successfully today, the second for almost 20 minutes, something I am absurdly pleased about. During today’s sessions, I also finished the book I was reading (review later).

The treadmill I use is an older one – so old that it has nothing fancy on it, and no spot for an e-reader of any sort, or an iPod, or anything else that the modern workout warrior generally has with them. Just a belt and a way to change the speed and incline level. That’s enough: one foot in front of the other, twice a day, every day. I may never move out of that room physically with all that walking, but I can get some reading done, or just muse on a storyline or two, or think about what seeds I need to order. We are only two weeks or so out from the time I will be starting flats in the barn for spring transplanting. The point? Doing something that doesn’t require a lot of concentration but a lot of repetitive activity can really help free your mind from the mundane and let it ruminate on other things.