Working it out, Dec 12, 2015

The joys of satellite internet some days: bouncing in and out of service, even on a brilliantly clear day. Maybe I should hang some sunglasses on the dish out there. This should have posted last night but didn’t.

Both walks completed successfully today, and a new best for the second: one mile, 20 minutes on the dot. I am very slowly gaining incremental speed and time, and I’m fine with that: none of this weak, shaky stuff happened immediately overnight, and it won’t be resolved overnight, either. With the adjusted meds, plus the iron supplement, things are improving on an overall basis.

Current reading for the treadmill sessions: Silent Voices by Ann Cleeves (#4 in the Vera Stanhope series). For whatever reason – I’m guessing here that it’s because the original publication in the UK – the first three are not available on the kindle. It looks like they aren’t even available new at amazon, at least, either. These things happen when you come across an author late. Vera seems to be a rather crusty older gal, which is a nice change of pace.

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