Working it out, Dec 14, 2015

Back in action today with two sessions on the treadmill, complete with trying to convince the puppy to stop playing with his ball and knocking it under the thing. I don’t think this will stick with him – after all, dogs have the attention spam of about four seconds, which is why they’re so absurdly pleased to see you when you just walk out to the car for something and then come back in.

Thirteen minutes this morning, just under fifteen late this afternoon, and more reading done. It’s interesting, reading a book in increments of 10-20 minutes at a time. I read very quickly, though, so it doesn’t take me forever to get through something while I’m putting one foot in front of the other to get to the end of my time or distance. It’s already becoming a habit and our (the dogs and my) routine is working out rather nicely. The only hiccup is when it will have to be done to work around medical appointments, including the xmas gift I’m getting of an MRI on my brain so they can see nothing’s there. Har Har.

Soldiering on

The season that has thus far remained unseasonably warm has resulted in the remaining plants soldiering on, happily producing the fruits of my labors even as they have (mostly) been ignored. Case in point:

More tabascos

I had, in all honesty, completely forgotten I’d transplanted these tabascos to the back when the rest were in the front. As things slowly went into crazy mode from May through almost July, the weeds took over virtually everything. When I got myself back in order and hit the frames to get them cleared, I had a rather nice surprise: these were still alive and trying their damndest to flower and put out fruit. Once uncovered, they got themselves going rather well.

The forecast calls for a freeze Thursday night into Friday morning. A one shot deal, really, as the forecast both before and after is rather mild. But that one night is likely to knock out this bunch plus the remaining peppers in the front forty, so I’ll likely just go ahead and harvest them green, either to add to the gigantic batch of tabasco-based hot sauce I’ll be making, or to pickle on their own, for that ubiquitous bottleĀ that’s on the table at almost every BBQ joint in the world.

For now, they continue on.