Blank canvas

The best thing about gardening is the blank canvas you get to work with at the turn of each new season.

The green at the left in that second frame in the foreground frame is the overwintered carrots.

What cannot – for now – be seen are the new sowing round: in the frame row in the foreground,  I’ve added peas, and in the second frame with the overwintered carrots, more carrot seed along with radish seed.

A parade of lights. More accurately, a testing of all the lights before they get rehung over the tables in the barn once more. Several have dead sides entirely, either the tombstones or in the wiring, but I’ll just hang those on the perimeters with the bad sides out – there is a slight loss on the lighting anyway because I don’t have about six more inches of table space available, so it all works out in the end.

I had planned, the day I started this post, to head to the hardware store for some seed starting material, but my body betrayed me again and I tumbled into feeling very crappy. Yesterday was horrible. Today, however, is a new day and although I’m not 100%, at least I don’t feel like death warmed over. It’s grey, chilly, and rainy today, so I’m also not particularly bothered by doing anything other than work today.

The seeds are rolling in, with three of five vendor orders in. Now if this nonsense will exit my head and throat, I can get down to the very serious business of getting things growing.

2 thoughts on “Blank canvas”

  1. I had a horrible day yesterday too. I hope today was/ is better. At least your beds look ready to sow. Mine not so much, but we have had spring weather for about a month (no rain to speak of) -and that is not good, although I love the warm sunny part of it all. Too bad I had the flu for 2 months – or the beds and garden would be ready and waiting for the real spring..unless of course we just jump to summer!

  2. This flu season is kicking peoples’ butts, that is a certainty. Luckily, I don’t think me or my mom has it, as we’re not running fevers or have any muscle aches, etc. The pollen is ferocious down here already, and while I don’t have any particular sensitivity to it, I think my mom does. She’s sniffling and coughing her head off.

    Hopefully, we – that’s the royal “we”, as in all of us, you included – will be able to kick the remnants of this nonsense to the curb and get back to the more important things in life.

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