Review: Nantucket Penny (Steven Axelrod)

I’m afraid this one wound up as a DNF for me. Why?

There are a ton of characters introduced right off the bat. There are also conversations and musings by a couple of characters that were boring and mentioned even more people, and it was difficult to keep track of them. Mike, Mark, Mitch., Cindy, Vicky, Larry, Cody, some guy whose name I’ve forgotten while typing this, Sippy, Doug, the Australian detective whose email the chief ignores, and so on.

In one of the opening chapters, we also get a story on how the chief has moved his mother out of a retirement condo building in California back to his house in Nantucket. Why? Who knows? As I’ve said about books that detail a character’s every transition from point A to point B, unless we absolutely need to know about what they were doing or the details of their actual move, leave it out.

I gave up at about 25%, as I was getting fairly annoyed. I skimmed through a bit from there, found the reveal at the halfway point, and reckoned I was happy to have stopped when I did.

Sorry, this one just did not work for me, and lands in the DNF list. Two stars out of five.

Thanks to Poisoned Pan Press and NetGalley for the reading copy.