Review: Firepower (John Cutter)

We know the story: ex-Special Ops guy trying to fulfill his dying pal’s wish runs into trouble and uses his brains and his brawn to do it.

Vince Bellator is the ex-SpecOps person in question, and while hiking in the woods and minding his own business, he encounters three white supremacists who should have stayed in bed that day instead of challenging him. When I realized Bellator would be punching nazis and white supremacists, I automatically gave it another star. as I am a huge fan of that.

Bellator realizes that there’s lot more going on here that your usual idiots playing nazi in the woods, so decides to infiltrate the group. He does this, and begins gathering intel, determined that this particular group of nazis will be taken down. His problem, once in, is how to get the information out.New members are scrutinized very carefully, and no one is allowed to keep weapons on their person except those charged with security.

Along the way, Bellator finds an unlikely companion within the compound who is more than she seems. They realize that these nazis are arranging a large-scale, coordinated attack on some government officials – and now they have to stop it.

I won’t go further than that for spoilery reasons, except to say that I bet Bellator wished he were Spider-Man crawling up the face of a cliff at a point late in the book.

There’s quite a bit of suspended disbelief required, but I think that there’s at least a little in every book, no matter the genre. Fans of this kind of book will enjoy it, no doubt.

Four out of five stars from me.

Thanks to Lume Books and NetGalley for the reading copy.