Review: In The Spotlight (Lesley Davis)

Talk about instalove!

Actor Cole has left the successful tv series she’s been starring in to take a part in a new movie that’s being made. She’s being paired with up and coming actor Eris. The latter is new, but she’s delighted to be in the movie with Cole.

I know it’s a trope of the genre – after all, the two main characters need to get together, and quickly, or at least be intrigued by one another – but the two in this book have broken all land speed records, by talking about settling down, grandkids, and how they’re soulmates before we’re too long into the story.

We watch the two go through the typical things people go through, and also get to meet the side characters: Aiden, who has written the screenplay for the movie, her fiancee Cassidy, also an actor, and Mischa, the best friend and rather a third wheel to everything. I must admit I found them a bit more interesting than the two mains – not that the mains are not interesting, but sometimes reading a lot of lesroms in a row (four ARCs in a row for me to review, this time around) sometimes renders the two mains and their happiness subordinate to the other things going on.

What else would be going on? A crazed stalker, who has been shipping Cole on the tv series she was in, and who is convinced that she an change Cole’s mind to get her back on the show. We already know the identity of the stalker, so there isn’t a lot of “whodunnit” in this. The only question is how far she’ll take it.

Overall, a decent enough book to keep one occupied for a few hours. I found out after reading it that this is apparently the second book in a series. As is my fashion, I have not read the first, and I have no idea if it would inform this had I, but it can stand alone.

Three out of five stars.

Thanks to Bold Stroke Books and NetGalley for the reading copy.