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Review: Tastes Better From Scratch Cookbook (Lauren Allen)

I picked this up because I absolutely agree with the title: things do taste better from scratch.

I’d say this would be a fair cookbook for someone just learning to cook (or who says they don’t like to). The recipes are basic, and there isn’t a lot that would be out of range for people who are new to or don’t like cooking: familiar recipe names, nothing terribly challenging, and they’ll know what it should taste like when they’ve finished cooking.

There are plenty of images, but unfortunately, many of them I just didn’t find that good. In the Kindle edition, the images are also flattened and stretched, both in portrait and landscape view. In landscape, I found that at times, the text would be over the image, but the color of the text versus the image made the text impossible to read. Those were the descriptive parts of the recipes, but the recipes and instructions themselves were fine.

I would not recommend this for moderately skilled or advanced cooks.

Three out of five stars.

Thanks to Greenleaf Book Club and NetGalley for the reading copy.