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Gunk is bad

I’ve been sick for about a week now. This in and of itself wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the incessant coughing, some of which is so hard that it feels like I’ve pulled muscles. There’s also been so much coughing that the constant flexing of the abs has led to a severe ache, like overdoing situps or going a few rounds with a boxer.

My mom forced me to go to the doctor, which I did. Since I was coughing up and blowing out green gunk, they gave me a scrip for some anti-robotics…I mean, antibiotics: something very cool, and suited for me, since I can’t swallow pills and crushing them up all the time is nasty (and makes me not want to take them). It’s called Zmax, a one dose, extended release antibiotic that, as a bonus, comes in an oral suspension. Perfect for those of us with pill issues. How well it works remains to be seen. I can say that the smell (cherry/banana) is not bad. The taste, however, is, as it tastes like roasted ass. Or at least bad fish, something with which I’m a bit more familiar. Unfortunately, it isn’t for cough, and that’s what’s just killing me here. It makes it very difficult to sleep, makes my throat hurt, my ribs hurt, hell, I think I even almost pulled a groin muscle coughing so hard last night. There is only so much Nyquil one can take, and it tastes horrible anyway.

I’m hopeful that this is not going to hang around for three weeks(!), the length of time the doc said most people have been seeing this last. My ribs and abs can’t take it, and I’m anxious to get back out in the yard and get some more things in gear for the impending chicken arrival and the arrival of less schizophrenic weather so we can get our seedlings out of captivity and into the semi-wild of the garden.

What a night

So, officially, I am very ill. Last night was awful – sore throat, trouble swallowing, draining sinuses, and mucus making me choke. Swell. Spent most of this morning in bed, with bathroom breaks for me and the dogs and to swig down some Nyquil and kiddie Tylenol (which, by the way, doesn’t taste like bubblegum at all to me). I could wrap myself in a bubble, but that would make it difficult to cook and move around the kitchen.

When I finally rolled up out of bed to go to work, what do I find? Mom, very kindly making up a batch of stuffing. Hoo-rah.  Maybe later tonight some turkey, stuffing, and gravy will be in order. She tells me that there’s also another bag of cranberries in the freezer. And we have potatoes for mashing. Sounds like thanksgiving dinner to me. Just the thing to cure what ails you.